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Toña vs. Victoria Beer - Which is better?

In Nicaragua, the 2 main beers of the country are Toña and Victoria.  The majority of people find themselves choosing Toña's over Victorias, but why?  Is it the marketing? taste? what is it?, as both beers are now brewed by Compania Cervecera de Nicaragua.  Toña has risen to become more popular than Victoria, although Victoria was produced 19 years before Toña.  Check out the facts below, and let us know in the comments, which one do you prefer the most?

Toña  (4.6%) 

Toña is a 4.6% lager that was introduced in 1977 by ICSA as a direct competitor of the Victoria brand. After the 1996 merge, CNN relaunched the Toña brand as a traditional Nicaraguan beer, often associated with the local culture and customs.

Toña is a golden Lager beer with a smooth and refreshing flavor. Toña has a 4.6% alcohol content and it is brewed according to the strictest brewery standards from the best malts and hops available in both North America and Europe. Toña is currently sold in six of America’s Western States and there are plans to expand this range to an additional eleven USA states. One of the things that makes the Toña so popular is that it is a taste experience. Its name, rich flavor and origins give appeal to the various aspects of the drinkers mind and senses resulting in a well-rounded drinking experience. It is also a high quality brew and this is clearly reflected in the taste of the beverage. 

Reviews for Toña:

Victoria (4.9%)

Victoria is a little stronger than Toña at a percentage of 4.9%.  Pilsen introduced it in 1942 and it is the oldest and one of the most popular beers in Nicaragua.  There is another version called Victoria Frost, which is a softer version of the beer, and it was introduced in 2004.  Victoria Frost is at 4.9% as well and it is the only beer in Nicaragua that is produced with a micro filtration process. The newest of the Victorias is the Victoria Maestro which is the countries first dark brew, and it has a 5.1% alcohol content and was introduced as a seasonal item in 2011.

Victoria is often rated two notches lower than Toña in terms of popularity, but it is a softer beer that many prefer over its competitor. Served cold throughout Nicaragua, Victoria is tasty and perfect for quenching a strong thirst. Of course, the only way to know if you really like a beer or not is to try it for yourself so the next time you visit Nicaragua, give the Toña and the Victoria a try and see which one you like the most. 

Reviews for Victoria:


 - CCN is trying to promote Victoria's more, so they are selling them less to the bars, restaurants, etc... This means that at some places, they might be selling Victoria's for cheaper or have better deals, such as buy 2 and get one free.

- In Nicaragua, they re-use the bottles for both beers, so before you drink out of your beer for the first time, wipe off the top with a napkin, it will usually be dirty.
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