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The Surf Ranch VS. Kelly Slaters Surf Ranch, what is the difference?

surf ranch nicaragua

The Surf Ranch was started in 2008 by Lucas & Travis Boychuk, as the worlds first action sports resort, which has now grown into 3 hotels & resorts across Nicaragua and Costa Rica.   Then 7 years later in 2015, Kelly Slater opened his artificial surf wave in Texas, calling it the Surf Ranch as well.


At first, we were a little skeptical as to why he copied the name, where at the time a quick Google Search would reveal pages upon pages of the Surf Ranch Resorts, but we do agree the name is good and there is room for more to use it, especially Kelly Slater.    The fact that Kelly Slater decided to use the name "Surf Ranch" has boosted our brand like never before.   People are thinking it is the same company, and as we have all of the @surfranch hashtags on all of the social media sites, people are surfing Kelly Slaters surf wave, then tagging us at the @surfranch in it....boosting our followers and gaining interest.


surf ranch nicaragua

The team running Kelly Slaters social media also got in contact with us to try and purchase the Surf Ranch names on Social Media, but we have respectfully declined their offers to purchase them, as the Surf Ranch Hotels & Resorts brand is expanding and growing.  The Surf Ranch brand will be around for years and years as we will be expanding to multiple countries across the globe.


We do like what he's doing, however his team could of done a little more research when it came to naming it the Surf Ranch.   Maybe one day in the future we will join forces, but for now, as not to confuse anyone...there are 2 different Surf Ranch brands and we are glad to be able to clear up the difference.


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