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We found a Skatepark in the Jungles of Nicaragua

jungle skatepark nicaragua

We found a skatepark in the jungles of Nicaragua! We heard of a new DIY skateboard park built near Playa Maderas in Nicaragua, so we met up and went to go find it and skate it! It's located at hostel Clandestino, so now there are 3 skate parks in the San Juan Del Sur area. 


Check out their website here - 


As mentioned in the video, we will be giving away that skateboard deck, so in order to win it, like, share and comment below on this video! 


Must be able to pick up the deck here in Nicaragua at the Surf Ranch Resort -


We found a Skatepark in the Jungles of Nicaragua Reviewed by Surf Ranch on December 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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