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El Astillero: Nicaragua's soon to be newest port town!

El Astillero, which translates to "The Shipyard," is emerging as an attractive opportunity for early-bird investors looking to make profitable gains. Located in a small fishing village just north of Surf Ranch Popoyo, Astillero already boasts a paved road and is positioned along the planned route of the upcoming Coastal Highway. 


Driving around the area, the beach town scenery evokes memories of San Juan Del Sur before significant investments poured in.


The government has completed about 60% of the work to add bridges and pave the road from Ochomogo on the Panamerican highway across the land to Las Salinas on the Pacific Ocean. The next step is to pave the road from Las Salinas to Astillero, as part of the preparations for the new Coastal Highway connecting Costa Rica to the southern beach towns of Nicaragua.


A substantial investment of $238 million has been secured to upgrade and enhance roads in Nicaragua. This funding comes in the form of a loan from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). These road upgrades will cover a stretch of over 194 kilometers across the country, forming a significant component of the Nicaraguan Government’s VII Road Improvement and Renovation Program.


In addition, CABEI has provided an extra funding package of $1.4 million to support various studies for Phase I of the upcoming Litoral Sur (La Costanera) coastal road project.


Recent activities involved delivering culverts to different areas along the soon-to-be-paved road. This preparatory step is essential for managing water flow. Numerous surveying teams are actively working daily, and workers on the ground have indicated that paving this road is imminent.


The decision to focus on building substantial load-bearing bridges along the road from Las Salinas to the Pan American highway, as well as paving the route to Astillero ahead of other roads planned for the new Coastal Highway, is driven by the intention to develop Astillero into a new port town. These bridges are designed to handle the weight of transport trucks, reflecting a strategic vision to accommodate future growth and logistical needs.


Astillero is a spot you'll want to keep an eye on if you're an investor. It's likely to become a hot topic in the coming years. Right now, land prices are still low, but we're noticing real estate companies starting to raise their rates. So, getting started with your research now would be a smart move! to view our free investors kit and our list of available lots or houses for sale.  (They could be sold out depending on the time you are reading this).

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